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I'm going to present a realistic-ish grey pelted design for Flare (with a mildly lazy feral ref...) as well as I'll be making modifications to her in anatomical terms.

I've been thinking on it for a bit, and Scribbley aren't entirely as advanced in terms of their species as I wanted them to be when I first created them.

That being said, there were small things that i noticed needed to be changed with certain types.

I'm starting with Dragon Types, and with Flare being my most used/most important (personally) Dragon Type, I figured I'd work on her first.

Modifications to add:
-Breathing "tube" below tongue, similar to snakes (as Scribbley that are Dragon Types, or even Plant Types tend to swallow meals whole [when given the opportunity] )

-Separate dental structure from other types

-and a few other minor changes

I'd like to state, rather firmly that Scribbley are a CLOSED feline species.

If you wish to have/create one, ask for my permission, or sign on my page/through note to purchase one from me.

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