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Lawd help me


Fursona's that can be asked (check them all if you wish): Reference-Sheets

DeviantArt Rules:
-It is perfectly acceptable for me to not answer/apply myself to one of your asks/dares

-Nothing is off limits! (But respect DA's rules. Meaning, no, I can't draw certain things without having to censor.)

-You CAN ask multiple questions in one comment!

-I'll make an exception this time, and if the question/dare given involves one of your characters, then, yes, I'll draw them. However, this is not a request pool, and I open those about once every two months anyways so....

-It's perfectly okay to ask multiple of my fursona's in one comment! I really don't mind it! ♥

-Don't be afraid to ask anything!

Tumblr/Furiffic rules:
-Legit nothing is off limits.

Rules for the bab:
-Yes, vore related things are A-okay! :3

Let the fun begin pls

Krin ยท 19/03/2016 08:05

To rose: your tail has a mind of it's own right? Do you ever argue with it? - also does it have a name?-



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