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A little vent, also an experimental piece.

Good lord.

The shading.


Art info:
Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI, a USB Mouse
Time Taken: About three hours

Art, character, and Scribbley (CLOSED) feline species (c) MadMadameFlare

It'd only been a few days since she'd landed on Earth, but, already Flare was being careful.
Being mindful of her surroundings as she wandered, neglecting the want for food and water, and trying to use her abilities to temporarily shut off her stomach.

The effort only proved useless when a deer darted by, causing her to immediately give chase, lost to her instincts.
The massive feline hissed and halted, struggling between keeping her (seemingly) shifting on their own paws moving, and staying put.

This bothered her, greatly.

She hissed again as she unintentionally started producing venom, readying for an attack.

The beast already knew life on Earth would prove to be a challenge....

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