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CLOSED species means that you CANNOT make one without permission, or purchase!

Their colors are commonly based off of pillows
I'll try to do an anthro ref tomorrow, or make myself one

Other info:
-They nurse their young outside of their pouches

-Their genitalia are outside of their pouches

-They have a gestation period of ten weeks or so

-They are a feline species, but can be omnivorous (they are fantasy creatures)

-They often live in groups, or at least with a mating partner

-Partners mate for life, and they do not breed around (unless one leads a herem, and that is uncommon)

-They are not typically afraid of humans

-They can get to being five feet tall on fours, and taller

-They can have pelts based off of other animals

-Females and males are generally equal in their species, and they chose a leader in groups through dispute-free ways

-Some stuff completely random things in their pouches, and they are prone to hoarding

Common ears:
-"Regular ears"
-Small flopped

Uncommon ears:
-Large flooped
-"dog" ears
-No ears

Rare ears:
-Double ears
-one ear

Common traits:
-Small horns
-No claws
-regular tongue
-mild magical abilities
-Long tail
-Stubbed tail
-Pillow tail

Uncommon traits:
-large horns
-larger pouches
-no tail
-Medium tail
-"dragon" tail

Art and species (c) to MadMadameFlare !

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