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I am SO sorry for modifying this so much!!
I missed some coloring in her ear, and the piece generally looked unfinished, so I wanted to finish it!!!!

Want to see more info on Flare?
See Here! and here

Anyways, art info:

Flare has light blue breath, yes, and her saliva is bright purple. She's an alien, whom are you to judge? 
I also amde a modification to her stomach tentacles Sunday night, and they force themselves up and towards heat outside of her body, or seek heat in her stomach when she has not eaten for more than a few weeks.
She only has about 20-45% control of the tentacles, and they help her to regurgitate prey or food (she's an omnivorous species of feline) if needed for escape, or easier attack.
Scribbley can eat meals (meat or not) up to twice their body weight, so, they do have some odd traits.

Time Taken: I lost track
Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI, a USB Mouse

Art, character, and CLOSED feline species (c) MadMadameFlare

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