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I Know the anatomy is broken.
it's a vent.
Don't expect a ton of effort when I just want to expel emotions.
(This isn't always the case with vents for me, but, today, it is.)

Just a vent I started yesterday, not going into detail.
I'm just pushing my limits a lot lately.
Including with pain.
I've been around a solid 9 average in bodily pain since Monday.
I'll live, it's just draining me.
And I'm pressing myself as roughly as possible to stay emotionally even with what's going on (school, health conditions, anxiety, etc.)
I'll make it through, I'm just going to have a rough time doing it.
Small struggle, in the grand scheme of things.
I'll likely see a doctor next Wednesday if cysts haven't stopped bursting nonstop.
I can hardly eat right now, because everything wants to come back up, and each jolt of pain causes me to hold back from gagging.
For the newer watchers, I'll be alright.
I just have a condition known as PCOS, which inhibits some "normal" things.

And I slept maybe.... two hours last night?
I kept waking up from pain.
I'm incredibly out of it.

Madame is a zombie right now.

Art Info:
Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI, a USB Mouse
Time Taken: Probably about four hours total

Art, Flare and the CLOSED Scribbley feline species (c) MadMadameFlare

i'm going to go try to doodle up something positive.

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