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They don't call her Flare for nothing, you know.

Something I started yesterday, it's mostly a test, and a positive vent.
I've been letting people go in my life that have been doing me harm, and I just feel so... weightless about it...
It feels so much better to be rid of them.
Today, I ridded of an ex that thought he was doing a stellar job of being a friend, by flat out telling me that he didn't care about my health a few weeks ago.
Still no redeeming qualities in that asshole, so I gave him the boot.
I'm proud of myself for being able to recognize who's healthy for me to keep around, and who's not.
That's not a common skill.
I"m glad I adapted to it.

The other positive part of the vent is... 
I may crash, I may fall, but I ALWAYS come back stronger, and with a harder punch.
Lately I've been getting really bad/scary news about my health, and I'm tackling it head on.
I may or may not have a bad heart, so I need to go to a cardiology center in a few days for examination (will likely have to wear a heart monitor/heart rate recording device for awhile, to see what's wrong), I also have to be internally examined for something else.
Then another appointment about ovarian cysts, and, well... Yeah. I'm a little scared.
But fear breeds strength.
I have strength.
And I have really great people in my life, even if not all of them are around when I need them...
I know I have their support and care. 
That's what matters.

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