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Oi. I'm still alive.

Drew this vent yesterday, which went into 10 PM. :')
I'm not having a good time.

My health is making it hard to do much lately (I couldn't even carry a bag of Gatorades like ffffuck. Getting weaker) and I'm having worse issues with my anxiety.
I can't even have someone stand too close to me without having some issues breathing, so I need to get away from whomever's standing too close to me, because I have my chest start clenching like I'm about to have a panic attack.
For those of you that have social anxiety, you probably know what feeling I'm talking about.

In other news, I have to wait until August to have my heart further examined, and I'm just stressing out really bad because I'm scared.
I spent Tuesday night freaking out and trying to stay calm.
I do NOT do well under pressure.
Hopefully, I can be seen before school starts.
Because I can't walk far, or carry alot without the left side of my chest throbbing like all hell.

Reason I didn't upload last night: Adblock blocking 1,200 ads on DA.
KInda. A lot. of Lagg.

Anyways, probs going to keep this eye style...
Try to take it easy until August 4th.
Because after August 4th, it's good ol' level 12 prison.

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