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I uh...

Personal opinion to get out of the way....

Being attracted to an animal character, in my eyes, as long as they personified to the point of being human-like, is not a bad thing.
I, myself, am attracted to a few VERY personified animal characters in TV shows/movies.

So, uh.
I was zoning out and came up with this idea, so I drew it up.

All other info except the tools used is in the comic itself.

Except for....

All mlp concepts, characters, and character names belong to HASBRO.
Not me.

Scribbley can blush because of glowing blood.
They sometimes blush in their ear tips.
Shayne is blushing in both her cheeks and ear tips.

Ft poorly drawn glasses

Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS4, a USB Mouse

Also, if I did little comic things like this as commissions, whom would be interested?
I'd be very happy to do these, as the lesser detail is easier on my wrist, but I will still def add as much detail as possiburl.

Morisith · 02/08/2016 02:34 · 1 Reply

kinda same - as long as they have a human range of emotion/thought then eh, it's just fantasy anyways (And Scar was totally my first crush lol )

Also this can be a good commission idea, maybe I would get one myself in the future when I am on a more free budget ^^ 

Madame Sparx · 02/08/2016 03:05

Totally agree. That's what I mean with human like. (Scar is best evil dad lol)                                                       I'm glad you think it's a good commission idea :) I don't sell a lo (maybe two pieces of art a year)t, usually, so I should definitely still have commissions like this open for the next few months ^.^



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