Mr. Hatter the Kitsune is feeling Lazy
Artist Type: Anime Artist

Well, I dream awake without noticing, most of the things I imagine have no sense to others when I say'em out loud but it's entertaining seeing the reactions.

I adore drinking tea while staring at the moon with the company of my cats.

I like anime, manga, comics, cosplay, videogames, J-horror movies, Visual Kei, sleeping, mint-chocolate icecream, drawing, role play,  swimming...  erm *cough*... yaoi...

Also I love strawberry milkshakes and fluffy things!

I am from Mexico, but I don't like hot/spicy flavors because my tongue hurts.

My favorite writers are Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. Movie directors are Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and Stan Lee.

I don't like the sun, I can't stand it a bit, I get all itchy, red and it hurts as if I'm evaporating while dying from meltiness (?). I prefer the rain, it's cold and pretty.

"Drink tea with the company of a Mad Hatter." and  "Wanna have a MAD time?"--> (Undertale reference) are two of my everyday frases.

In real life I am a woman but my characters are usually men. When it comes to a "love-partner-snuggle-huggle" relationship I don't care the gender as long as I really like him/her and... they like me.


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Male · Sheep · Pansexual · Capricorn
Role-playing Yes
A lazy, tall, sleepy black sheep with a cold attitude that loves sweets.
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Mr. Hatter posted

21/05/2016 05:42

The life, or destiny... or whatever, could be really annoying, sometimes worser than a tragic drama.