Magra123 the Satyr
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

I'm a self-taught artist that does pretty much anything he likes. I draw mechs, comics, furry characters, fantasy art, dragons, creature designs and some fan art that I would consider well drawn.

I do both traditional and digital art. I love old 90's cartoons like Batman: The Animated Series and Spawn, and I have gotten a lot of inspiration from animated movies like Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and The Road to El Dorado. I want to live off of my art and hopefully make some comics and other work that people can enjoy, but most of all I just want to bring happiness to people through my work and create a community where everyone can have fun.


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Female · Satyr · Pansexual · Pisces
Role-playing No
Nicknames Art goat
Young satyress with a thing for adventure.
16/05/2017 19:51