Artist Type: Cartoonist

Requests: Closed!
Art Trades: Ask First
Gifts: Friends Only


1. No bad comments! (e.g. spam, racism, yiff, negative)
2. You are free to draw my original characters and/or fan characters, but do NOT draw them with ugly, butt, nipple, nudity and other gross stuff! (INSTANT BLOCKED)
3. Do NOT ponify my characters EVER!!! (INSTANT BLOCKED)
4. Do NOT post a chain letter on my profile, art, journal and anywhere!
5. No asking me about beta key, private group or other private stuff. That only for friends and favorite artist.
6. No transformation sequence of my characters! (INSTANT BLOCKED)
7. Do NOT show any spoilers on my page until I completed the game/watched the movie with all achievements unlocked.
8. NEVER re-create June: Month of Rage and Threat or else you will be blocked forever and add to Hall of Antagonists and make hate art out of you! (INSTANT BLOCKED)
9. No asking me for a face reveal!

If you'll break any of the rules, you will be receive a warning. Break them again, you will be blocked!

My Character Birthdays
Fane's Birthday is November 15th (2009) [Golden Topaz]

Kayle's Birthday is August 19th (2014) [Peridot]
Orion's Birthday is May 4th (2018) [Emerald]
Walter's Birthday is October 17th (2016) [Pink Sapphire]
Amethyst's Birthday is July 15th (2017) [Ruby]
Dash's Birthday is June 3rd (2018) [Alexandrite]
Solarflare's Birthday is June 15th (2015) [Pearl]
Pearl's Birthday is December 3rd (2016) [Zircon]

Rodney's Birthday is May 24th (2018) [Emerald]
Armando's Birthday is November 16th (2014) [Golden Topaz]
Rune's Birthday is August 30th (2016) [Peridot]
Skyflare's Birthday is November 3rd (2015) [Golden Topaz]

Prismatic's Birthday is February 24th (2013)
Merc's Birthday is April 20 (2017)

Jerry's Birthday is July 22th (2015)
Frost's Birthday is November 30th (2015)
Snowflake's Birthday is December 1st (2015)
Casper's Birthday is September 15th (2016)
Jib's Birthday is September 14th (2016)

Tomby's Birthday is October 30th (2014)

Andy's Birthday is May 28th (2017)
Cosmos's Birthday is April 22 (2017)
Polar Bear's Birthday is December 24th (2017)
Basic's Birthday is September 8th (2015)


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