Malachyte the Red Panda
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

Jelly Status

It's cat update time again![lb] [lb] First off, thank you again for the HUGE amount of support you all gave for me and my sweet little Jelly boy during the fundraising stream last weekend
6 days ago

Goal Met!!

Finished streaming! Just a paltry 9
1 week ago

Cat Surgery Stream Info!

TL;DR My cat has a lump and it's gotta go![lb] [url=https://streamlabs
1 week ago

How to Commission Malachyte

Hello! As some of you know already, I am now back to being a full time artist, which means I am taking commissions regularly again. So if you're interested in commissioning me, here's how the process works! All commissions are handled through my {} page. https://commi...
2 weeks ago