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How to Commission Malachyte

Published: 2 weeks ago

Hello! As some of you know already, I am now back to being a full time artist, which means I am taking commissions regularly again. So if you're interested in commissioning me, here's how the process works!

All commissions are handled through my page.

From there, you can see all the listings of what I'm currently offering. Each type of commission has a limited number of slots, set by me, so when they fill up they become unavailable until I finished what's currently in my queue, or open more slots. If you click on a commission type, it shows you all the information about what you're buying and links to my Terms of Service.

If no slots are available, you can subscribe for email alerts! When a new slot opens up, it sends an email to everyone subscribed. This way you can find out right away when things are available, instead of hoping to catch a journal at just the right time. has a built-in workboard, which lets you get a quick view of my queue so you can get a feel for how much work I have on my plate and where your place is in line. But if you want to see a more detailed look at commission progress, my Trello board is still the way to go. You can click on individual cards and see a checklist of my progress!

You can also pledge a monthly amount, similar to Patreon, to see subscriber content. I don't have a ton posted in there yet, but if you want to see things early, check out scraps or concept sketches that I don't normally post, you're welcome to throw in and take a look.

I will also be taking commissions during streams now and again, but those will be handled in stream chat and using Paypal directly. So yeah! If you have any questions are feel unclear about the process, feel free to ask. Thanks!

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