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Cat Surgery Stream Info!

Published: 9 months ago

TL;DR My cat has a lump and it's gotta go!
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Wow, time has blurred right by me for the last week and a half. I had been away from home most of the time doing some impromptu dog-sitting! But dog time is over, it's time to return to cat land where I belong.

As I mentioned a bit earlier in the month, my cat, Jelly, is in need of another surgical procedure. After his dental surgery, we discovered a rather large, dark lump on his back leg. I took him back to the vet and had him examined, and they determined that there was anomalous tissue so it would be best to remove it (at which point they can further biopsy it and determine if it's cancerous). He has been fairing alright, but definitely favors that leg when walking. His surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, the 24th, and is just under $1,000 this time around. I've been passively collecting donations towards this goal from you seriously generous furs, but now it's time to do my best and stream til I drop!

Stream Location -

For the next two or more days (however long it takes!) I will be taking stream commissions, similar to last time.
-$25 per slot, single character only
-Digital media, quick sketches
-SFW or NSFW is fine
-Characters need to be 18+ for NSFW commissions

This time around, I'll be taking 5 slots at a time instead of doing them one by one, based on feedback from last time.
Donating via the donation link either during or outside of a stream is super welcome and much needed! But please know that this does not grant you a commission slot! That needs to be discussed in stream and done with my knowledge. Thank you!

As a quick note, these stream commissions are not part of my regular commission queue, which I will be returning to working on after I have securely funded Jelly's surgery. And with that, I'm going to get set up as quick as I can and get this thing started! Posted using PostyBirb

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