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Jelly Status

Published: 1 month ago

It's cat update time again!

First off, thank you again for the HUGE amount of support you all gave for me and my sweet little Jelly boy during the fundraising stream last weekend. I appreciate it more than I can ever describe.

[Warning for light medical talk]

I took Jelly to his surgery on Tuesday the 23rd to have the leg lump removed, but we ran into some complications. The vet used the exact same medications as last time to put him under, but this time he reacted differently and his breathing became dangerously slow, and he had to be woken up for his safety. I monitored his health for the day, and then Wednesday morning he was having trouble pooping. Once I realized how much of an issue he was having, I called the vet and it was determined he needed to be seen quickly, in case there was a blockage or anything dangerous. He got checked out, and there was no issue with his glands or any impacting, and he was able to go once he got out of examination. Most likely this was a result of switching his food habits (he had to fast for the surgery) plus all the stress. He's been able to go normally since then.

After talking with the vet, she feels it's unwise to go through with the operation for now, and that we should give him time to rest for a few weeks, to start. She's also worried, after seeing the lump again and freshly shaved, that it may be a difficult wound to close once it's removed, since it covers a large area.

[Medical talk over]

With all that in mind, Jelly will be resting for now, and I will continue to monitor his health and take photos of the lump to track any changes in it. After about a month, I'll contact the vet and discuss either retrying the surgery, or taking him to another vet to get a second opinion. In the mean time, I will hang on to the surgery fund for when it is needed, either for this specific surgery, or future vet expenses he may face. Posted using PostyBirb

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