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Away For a Bit & Commission Progress

Published: 1 week ago

As you may have seen on my schedule post just now, I have lucked in to being away from home until December 1st due to the generosity of some IRL friends. I can still do work while I'm away, though I will be limited to the traditional media parts of my queue until I return.

So! Commission progress! As always, you can track the details of my commission queue by viewing my Trello. As you can see, the queue is quite large, and my turnaround time is slow for the time being. My current plan has been completing more commissions than I'm taking, so that bit by bit I can bring my numbers back down to a much more manageable state. Progress on this has been getting better and better, I'm pleased to say!

To give a blanket statement; all commissions will be completed. I have no plans on suddenly ghosting anyone on this list, or refunding without saying anything. If you feel uncomfortable with the wait time you've experienced and are considering cancelling the project, that is okay! Please reach out to me and we can work out a refund if that is what you truly want. If you're okay with waiting, then please continue to rest assured that all commissions will be completed in time.

Part of my effort to maintain transparency about my work is to communicate a weekly workload, going forward, so commissioners can be better informed about when work is happening on their project. You'll see what that looks like in an upcoming journal.

I won't waste your time apologizing for my own lack of managerial experience that resulted in a queue this big; words only go so far, and I don't want to sit here and make excuses. I only hope that you all continue to grace me with patience and understanding as I do my best to be an even better business owner as I go forward. Thank you. Posted using PostyBirb

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