Marina Neira the Squirrel-elf
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

I do not use this website. Here is a list of the places where you can find me:

🗒️ Trello Art Queue:
🐦 Twitter (Art):
🍄 Twitter (Personal):
🎨 Patreon:
📽️ Picarto:
📷 IG:
👍 FB:
🐾 FA:
☕ Ko-fi:
🖼️ deviantART:
📚 Portfolio:
✏️ Tumblr:
🏡 Toyhouse:
💬 Telegram: SquirrelElf

Email me at

While I keep placeholder accounts here, on FN and on Weasyl, I do not use those websites either. If you see me anyplace else, it is likely NOT ME!


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Species: cat
Artist Type: traditional artist
Mood: artistic
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