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Published: 21/08/2017 19:02

Hey there!
I'm bored af so I was wondering if any of you would like to do an art trade with me. 
Examples of my work are in my gallery (only the newest ones since I improve fast af) 

If you're interested, COMMENT filling out this form:

- Examples of your art:
- What do you want me to draw (I can draw almost anything, feel free to ask): 
- What are you offering in exchange:
- Character you want to be drawn:


- Be fair, if you offer a headshot, expect that in return. I mean, do not ask for a full ref sheet in exchange of a messy sketch, etc...
- I don't mind about your art skills, but I am not obligated to accept your offer.
- You can offer traditional and digital. I'll definitely accept your traditional offer if you ship it to me.
- I'll start my part of the trade AFTER you've finished yours, sorry but I no longer can trust on anyone. I've already been "scammed" by other artists who offered me a trade.

*I reserve the right to decline any offer*
If I don't reply you is because I'm considering or refusing your offer; If I want to accept your offer I'll send you a note.

I lost. · 22/08/2017 14:20 · 8 Replies

What about story trades? Writing for art? 

Nerscyra · 22/08/2017 17:19

That sounds interesting.

I lost. · 22/08/2017 19:14

Yes, it is. 

Nerscyra · 22/08/2017 22:00

Do you have any examples?

I lost. · 23/08/2017 00:25

Whatevers on my profile 

Nerscyra · 23/08/2017 00:40

And wich kind of art would you like?

I lost. · 23/08/2017 01:04

I dunno, didn't think I'd get this far lmao

Nerscyra · 23/08/2017 02:31


I lost. · 23/08/2017 03:06

I don't know at this moment lemme see what can do first and I'll get back to you tomorrow sometime 

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