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Thinking on moving

Published: 3 weeks ago

I've been growing apart from my sona for the last year; I've been working on redesigning her for months already to fight against these feelings because I don't wanna give up on her since she has a lot of sentimental value and has represented me since I got into the fandom 5 years ago. It has made me think about a lot of things.

I'm getting tired of her being named after myself, I'm starting of seeing it as kinda boring and unoriginal so I was thinking on renaming her to give her a fresh look in hopes of recovering attachment to her.

On a side note, I'm also getting tired of my username (marthagreydragoness) I consider it's too long, boring and redundant plus if I change my sona and/or her name it will stop making sense, right?I'm still debating whether or not to rename my sona and move with a new username; I'll probably change them both but they'll remain as is until I come up with names to my liking.

(I'm up for new name/username suggestions, I'm out of imagination lol)

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