Matrices the Dog
Artist Type: Fursuit Maker

Welcome! I am Matrices: Dog-person extraordinaire. I enjoy drawing, building costumes, making props, and generally being crafty. I live on the North End of Whidbey Island, in Washington State. (Give me a shoutout if you're from the area!) I hope you enjoy my gallery. :3
If you're wondering how to say my name, it is pronounced may-truh-seas (click for audio!). It means: That in which anything is developed, takes shape, or is contained. 

I have lots of costumes!!
Beef Jerky, a super silly dopey husky doggy, I built myself!
Mukilteo, a crazy orange-and-yellow dog creature, received from the talented :linkmadefuryou:!
Matrices, my super awesome and cute fursona made in Japan by the skillful :linkyoshinomi:!!
A NW Native-style Husky partial, resin base by :linkjillcostumes: the rest I finished myself!
Chelan, a coyote who's head was a collaboration from a few sources, using a nose and resin base from :linkbeetlecat:, and a tongue & jawset from :linkcrystumes:, the rest finished myself into a 3/4 suit!
Kuiper, a partial. Head by FreakHound Studios, eyes, tail, and handpaws by me.

I have a WAY cute Siberian Husky named Turbo that I adopted February 4th 2009. Pictures of him may show up in my gallery, too. I have trained him SO many dog tricks, and he's a real Husky and knows how to pull.

You can find my FURSUIT TUTORIALS at:
My video tutorials are at Tutorials are re-posted to my Tumblr every so often.
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I carry primarily fursuit-sized collars, but occasionally post other kinds of fursuit props and items for sale.
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My Characters (links to references): MatricesBeef Jerky, Chelan, and Mukilteo.