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Greetings everyone; the name’s Wolfstein. Matthew Tiberius Wolfstein but please call me Matt. I’m 24 years old and graduated from the University of New Mexico, or UNM for short, back in December 2017. I’m the oldest out of my four siblings (three brothers and a sister), got interested in movies and acting at a young age, and have since devoted myself to becoming the film buff/historian I always wanted to be. In terms of many theatre shows I’ve done on stage, there’s many to name that vary from different companies and roles I had to play, ranging from villains that are both serious and hysterical (Commander McPhee from ABQ vs. the Flying Saucers is one) to heroes (like Beast in Beauty and the Beast). The last play I did was Winnie the Pooh Kids back in 2012, and am now retired from stage performing but the acting bug has not completely left me.

In 2014, I found out about the Furry Fandom/Community and decided to join it. The reason was quite simple, for I realized the community itself celebrates anthropomorphic animals in terms of artwork, comics, films and even video games. I managed to draw from a tutorial a rough sketch of my sona's face back in March 2016 and will now begin research on finding out how to commission art for my sona and get myself more involved with the fandom.

I am also interested in writing aside from making movies and plan on doing something akin to the currently popular Marvel Cinematic Universe: a collection of stories showing the world through my sona's eyes. I plan on getting a rough draft of the first story done before polishing it up and building the others to follow it. I do have many accounts on social media and furry websites so I will leave some of them below in case you want to stay in touch. Thank you all for reading and I hope my time here on Furiffic will be rewarding and insightful! ^.^


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Preparing for Spring Break

What's up everyfur! Sorry for going silent a long time; college movie work sure knows how to occupy my time and attention away from the furry side of my life. Anyways, as the heading of this journal says I received word from my university calendar that next week is Spring Break, and I shall give ...
07/03/2017 19:38
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First Ever Journal

Good evening everyfur. Since I joined yesterday and finished completing my account this morning, I might as well just offer some thoughts into this journal. I may have been a member of the furry community since the summer of 2014, but I still have a long way to go in terms of understanding what P...
01/12/2016 23:25


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Matthew Tiberius Wolfstein

Male · Hybrid · Bisexual · Scorpio
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Matt is a snow tiger-timber wolf hybrid. He stands an incredible 6'5", but at heart he is a gentl...
01/12/2016 14:26


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Moa Pie

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AshitakaWolf posted to Matt Tiberius Wolfstein

17/09/2018 00:09

Thanks for the fave! :)

Matt Tiberius Wolfstein · 17/09/2018 00:34

You're very welcome ^.^

Thank you for the follow. These current holiday weeks have not given me time to get back on here and give everyone a good RP session! But, stay tuned! It's coming!.....

Matt Tiberius Wolfstein · 02/12/2016 01:54

Understood; I'm patient anyways and busy with college papers to get typed and printed out so it's all good ^.^

Ty Wolvington! · 02/12/2016 02:08

Thanks for understanding. Trust me, I have a lot planned....Stay tuned.....Awwwwwoooooo!

Matt Tiberius Wolfstein · 02/12/2016 02:12

Roger that ^.^