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Born from an interspecies marriage that was considered a taboo act, Matthew Tiberius Wolfstein nevertheless enjoyed being with his parents. His mother taught him the ways of the snow tigers, his father the ways of the timber wolves. What Matt did not know at the time was that he had Aspergers, which made him seem awkward around others, shy whenever others looked at him in conversations, and other factors associated with Aspergers. Slowly but surely, Matt began to overcome his Aspergers (still had it but was able to control it now), attend college and get good grades in his classes. His future goals of becoming a filmmaker are strong in his mind and heart, and he will do whatever it takes to do what he enjoys.

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In the fictional world I will begin to create, Matt when he finishes college will work in the entertainment industry, be it a filmmaker, voiceover artist, or film historian.


1.95 Meters · 6 Feet, 4.77 Inches


73.02Kg · 11 Stone, 6.98 Pound

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Matt is a snow tiger-timber wolf hybrid. He stands an incredible 6'5", but at heart he is a gentle giant.

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