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In the beginning the creator did not make anthros first, he made Angels. Magnificent creatures that in itself rivaled the creator himself. Though as magnificently beautiful and powerful as they were, they were created lacking one thing. The will to choose. The creator grew bored after time and like an artist began to create something new. The angels watched on in wonder as each day he created something new. On the final day of his artistic act, heaven gasped as he created anthros and the world.
     These new creatures were fragile but so much like them. They looked beautiful in their simplicity and in that heaven wept. Each day after was a new marvel as they watched on. Lucifer watched in amazement but was first to notice something different. These new creatures did not praise the creator like all the angels did. These two little creatures were given a world by the creator but did not drop to their knees in praise. For once Lucifer was saddened. This in itself was the first fall of him. "They must not know of him" He thought to himself. That could be the only reason. They don’t know of the creator, it was obvious to him that just as we angels had been watching them and not interacting so had the creator.

Lucifer found this hurt him deep inside. To not know of the creators magnificence and what he did for them. Taking wing he flew from heaven with speed only known to those of the astral plane. Fearing that his form so like but unlike theirs would scare them he took the form of a creature he first laid eyes upon. It was long and slithered about. He thought this was fitting enough as he saw the larger breasted one away on a walk. Winding himself around a tree waiting for her to pass he created fruit on the tree. He filled it with all the wisdom of everything that was. Pouring his very essence into it so that it turned red and ripened with knowledge.

As she approached he spun his words so that she would listen intently. In her eyes he could see that she was amazed. That she hungered for the knowledge that he laid before her. Giving her to the choice to choose the apple. During this interaction something changed inside him. Choice. What was this that he offered her? Why didn't he just hand her the apple. This was the birth of choice. Angels did not choose before this, they just followed. His mind was swimming with the thoughts of how different this concept was. He slithered away mid-sentence and left the woman to her choice.

He knew that his brothers and sisters watched all he had done. Some of them had seen what he did and they themselves were now questioning. As he arrived back at the gates of heaven he was greeted with a wave of anger. The creator was furious with him. His own brother, His twin that was created along with him joined in with fury at him. Angels up to this point had never felt this feeling. As all this was happening the other angels stopped singing and talked and gossiped amongst themselves. What is this? Lucifer grasping this new feeling turned on his brother and his creator with a fury that surpassed both of them. His words were truth as he destroyed the very fabric of heaven. Questions? This was unknown before now too.

Everything was changing and his brother, Belial was the first to act. Like following the instincts of the apes down below he attacked Lucifer. Heaven grew silent as all watched this before them. Pure angelic blood spilled across the astral plane. It pooled and caught fire on a plane all its own. Their battle lasted only but a few minutes. Lucifer having found this new act of choice first had a rage inside him that could never be stopped but someone who could not even question what creation was.
As Belial's body lay in front of him, his head dangling from Lucifer’s grip he raised his eyes at the creator in anger and sorrow. These emotions all new to him he knew one thing. This was not his home. This was not the way things were meant to be. His anger flowed out of him sparking anger in others. Lucifer vowed to himself as flexed his wings outwards that this shall be his last flight. He turned and flew out towards the newly created world. The fires and pits of darkness that called to him of his brothers blood.

His mind spun as he ascended into his new world. His body wrapped in the dark black shrouds of this new place. He gripped the ground on his landing and formed it into cold steel chains that bound his wings. His anger and sorrow filled the world for the first time with noise. As he looked up he realized that half of the angels of heaven had followed him and were descending upon this place.

"This place shall be called Helle and shall stand for everything that Heaven is not,
This plane shall stand for choice.
This place shall appose all that is of the creator.
For I shall no longer take the name he has given me.
I shall be the despair in his heart,
I shall be the salvation of all furres,
I shall be the ruin of his plans.
I will be Mayhem"



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