Meats the Red Panda is feeling Curious
Artist Type: Crafter

Heya I'm Meats and this is a website that I'll upload my stinky artwork on!
I draw, sculpt and sometimes knit, but mostly I scream

From michigan, livin in new york

They/Them || Agender

| Mages | Cooking Witchery | Gardening | World of Warcraft | Knitting
| Clay | Watercolor Painting | True Crime Docs |

(●♡∀♡) goaty (♥ω♥ ) 

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Id love if there were more options for the themes when submitting a picture. Like idk, maybe I'm into the Obscure Fetishes but theres a LOT of stuff that I upload that just doesn't fit whats there, and I hate how it always tells you that you should fill something out! Makes me feel like I did som...
29/09/2018 05:37

submitting issue?

half of what i submitted today just didnt upload, anyone else have that issue lately?
22/08/2018 04:33


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Female · Cat · Pansexual ·
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Goth gal who hangs around convenience stores real late.
24/09/2018 02:13


Female · Opossum · Pansexual ·
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Nicknames Del
09/01/2018 07:13


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Noa The Dragon Cat Thing

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THECAGDL posted to Meats

23/01/2018 11:42

You're welcome

HikariPanda posted to Meats

17/06/2017 01:23

Red Pandas forever matey!

Meats · 17/06/2017 03:44

*red panda style rears up and slams down* Hell yeah !!!

HikariPanda · 17/06/2017 20:20


Meats posted

09/03/2017 00:15

Oohh goooddnneess

goaty · 09/03/2017 00:16


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