Meats the Red Panda is feeling Curious
Artist Type: Crafter

Heya I'm Meats and this is a website that I'll upload my stinky artwork on!
I draw, sculpt and sometimes knit, but mostly I scream

From michigan, livin in new york

They/Them || Agender

| Mages | Cooking Witchery | Gardening | World of Warcraft | Knitting
| Clay | Watercolor Painting | True Crime Docs |

(●♡∀♡) goaty (♥ω♥ ) 

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Dang yall Im BACK

had to move, which was a huge pain, literally, and had to get a new tablet which a friend very graciously helped out with! got one of them huion models now which feels so much nicer than the monoprice that died (which was to be fair, a few years old at that point) i actually feel productive, kin...
6 months ago
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been having problems with my computer left and right, finally pinned it down (all the work done by my gf cause this just stresses me tf out) that my copy of windows was bad. chunks were missing in the registry. tried reinstalling it, but woops, it was also bad. so i had to actually buy a new copy...
8 months ago


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4 months ago

Lucas Gendry

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20/05/2017 07:28


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Noa The Dragon Cat Thing

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THECAGDL posted to Meats

4 months ago

You're welcome

HikariPanda posted to Meats

11 months ago

Red Pandas forever matey!

Meats · 11 months ago

*red panda style rears up and slams down* Hell yeah !!!

HikariPanda · 11 months ago


SyphNeon posted to Meats

17/04/2017 01:57

I see you like ooze

Meats · 17/04/2017 08:08

slimes pretty dang cool, yeh!

Kausus posted to Meats

09/03/2017 07:30

thanks a bunch for faving!!

Meats posted

09/03/2017 00:15

Oohh goooddnneess

goaty · 09/03/2017 00:16


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