Meats the Red Panda is feeling Curious
Artist Type: Crafter
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More options

Id love if there were more options for the themes when submitting a picture. Like idk, maybe I'm into the Obscure Fetishes but theres a LOT of stuff that I upload that just doesn't fit whats there, and I hate how it always tells you that you should fill something out! Makes me feel like I did som...
29/09/2018 05:37

submitting issue?

half of what i submitted today just didnt upload, anyone else have that issue lately?
22/08/2018 04:33

Dang yall Im BACK

had to move, which was a huge pain, literally, and had to get a new tablet which a friend very graciously helped out with! got one of them huion models now which feels so much nicer than the monoprice that died (which was to be fair, a few years old at that point) i actually feel productive, kin...
27/11/2017 07:28
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been having problems with my computer left and right, finally pinned it down (all the work done by my gf cause this just stresses me tf out) that my copy of windows was bad. chunks were missing in the registry. tried reinstalling it, but woops, it was also bad. so i had to actually buy a new copy...
05/09/2017 05:52

Unemployment Commissions

Been unemployed here for a few months, and the state denied unemployment insurance since i 'resigned' by being fired. it sure is a bummer, and i could deff see an income happen again in my life here. That sad mess being said, i'm relisting commission information!
13/06/2017 17:30

Flood upload

Gonna be uploading the art that I've got on FA and whatnot here in a moment
09/03/2017 01:11