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Kelly and his twin brother Tracy come from a large and powerful aristocratic family that hails from the Free City of Jaspertree. Their parents are the richest people in the city and, quite possibly, in the world. Unfortunately, their family is also incredibly proud of its ancient, purebred lineage and they do not tolerate the least imperfection in their children. Kelly and Tracy, though pure-bred, were born with imperfect markings, lacking the typical black rings around the eyes that most English Spot rabbits possess. Thus, they were practically disowned. Their parents fed and sheltered them until they were of legal age, then cast them out.

Stripped of the protection their of their family, the two fled Jaspertree and made their way to the island of Viridis and the rabbit kingdom of Oseille. They were welcomed there with open arms and they have never looked back.

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Kelly works as part of the wait staff in the Red Wolf Tavern in the city of Oseille, Viridis.

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Kelly is friendly, gregarious and eager to please. He is slightly bolder than his twin, and he is willing to take the initiative in pleasing their mistress, or any of their other playmates. He is quite proud of his pristine white fur, and he takes great pains over keeping himself presentable. He is slightly more comfortable with being naked than his twin.


1.64 Meters ยท 5 Feet, 4.56 Inches

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Because they were deemed defective by their family, the twins were rendered sterile via magical means at a young age. They are still physically whole, however, and no-one who doesn't know their secret could tell the difference.

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Kelly is a pure-bred English Spot rabbit. His fur is pure white with the standard black markings of his breed, except that he lacks the black circles around his eyes. He has long white hair and bright blue eyes, and he always wears a pair of silver arm-bands and a black leather collar set with polished sapphires.

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