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Orphaned at the age of seven, Michael grew up on the streets of the Free City of Jaspertree. At the age of 12, he was taken in by a master chandler who taught the young feline his trade and gave him a modest salary to live on until he was able to strike out on his own. Michael's life since has been fairly ordinary. He left Jaspertree after the revolution that overthrew the old tryrannical regime and, as it happened, installed a new government that proved to be equally oppressive. He currently lives in the rabbit-controlled city of Oseille on the island of Viridis where he makes a modest living as the city's resident chandler and soap-maker.

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Chandler and soap maker.

Michael runs a small shop in the city of Oseille where he makes candles and soap.

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Michael is rather shy and is easily flustered. He's quiet and rather bookish, and can be rather nervous around strangers. He is nothing if not eager to please, however, and he will bend over backwards to make his friends happy. In spite of his shyness, he tends to be somewhat gregarious and is usually quick to warm up to people, especially if they are kind to him. He is happiest when he's up high,

He has a not-so-secret cross-dressing fetish that first developed when he was quite young. He currently has over a hundred different outfits to choose from and is always adding more to his collection. However, he tends to reject the "femboy" label, and is equally likely to be seen wearing conventionally masculine outfits as well. The only exception is that he always wears the sapphire pendant given to him by an ex-boyfriend.


1.59 Meters ยท 5 Feet, 2.59 Inches

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Michael is a slender, delicately built feline who could easily pass for female with the right clothes. Due to his high metabolism, he has almost no excess body fat and because of his species natural arboreal proclivities, he is very limber and flexible. He has small but razor sharp claws hidden in the soft tips of his fingers and toes, and like all margays he can rotate his ankles a full 180 degrees to facilitate his love of climbing.

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