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Sarah grew up on the streets of Jaspertree, a city ruled by a hereditary dictatorship that regularly enslaved and imprisoned its citizens for minor offenses or none at all. A homeless orphan, she grew up in the poorest part of the city, where she learned she had to steal just to make it to the next meal. A year ago, Sarah participated in a bloody revolution that helped to overthrow a particularly cruel despot, only to find, once the smoke cleared, that she'd helped pave the way for another brutal dictator just like him. Thoroughly disillusioned, she made plans to leave the city until her girlfriend convinced her to stay. Now she and her girlfriend, Catherine, help protect their fellow citizens from the new regime as best they can and plot to stage a new revolution.



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Sarah helps run the Coburn Shipping Company along with her girlfriend, Catherine Coburn. Sarah's job largely consists of supervising the warehouse and occasionally helping to organize stock.

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Sarah is a thief. She spent most of her life on the streets where she was obliged to steal to survive. Her life has improved a great deal in recent years, but old habits die hard and she has trouble resisting the urge to pick the odd pocket when the opportunity presents itself. She has a queer code of honor about it, though, and she will only target those who appear to be wealthy and well-fed, and she's as likely to turn around and give everything she steals to a beggar on the street than to spend it herself.


1.53 Meters ยท 5 Feet, 0.23 Inches

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Sarah grew up on the streets, which has made her a bit cynical at times. She steals what she needs and doesn't see any reason to be sorry for it. She isn't entirely selfish, though, and she has an open hand with her friends and those who need what help she is able to give.

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Sarah is an ordinary spotted skunk, with the standard markings for her species. She is a very small, slender girl, though now she is eating more than one meal every day or two she has grown much stronger.

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