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Age: 31 - Relationship status: Dating (open - females only)

Catherine is the owner of the Coburn Shipping Company based out of the city-state of Jaspertree. As the last surviving member of the once powerful Coburn family, she is moderately wealthy and has much more influence on people around her than most females in Jaspertree enjoy. Unfortunately, this causes some friction with people who would prefer to see her in a more subservient role, where most people in the city expect females to be. This limits the number of people willing to do business with her, and she is forever having to guard against vandalism of her property.

Catherine was once involved in a bloody revolution against a despot named Marcus Keppler, who ruled the city. The revolution was successful and Keppler was overthrown, but unfortunately the leaders of the revolution turned out to be no better. Disillusioned, Catherine withdrew from any direct political entanglements and she uses her influence and the resources of her company to try to help shield her fellow citizens from mistreatment.

She is currently dating a girl named Sarah.

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Owner of the Coburn Shipping Company.

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Catherine is a very driven, ambitious person who works tirelessly for the good of her company and the people in her employ. As a successful and dominant female in a city-state where most females considered second-class citizens at best, and many are enslaved in the city-owned brothels, she does her best to shield emotions from the world. This can cause her to come across as cold and unfriendly. She can nevertheless be very compassionate and she does her best to help those in need. She loves her girlfriend dearly and values what few friends she has very highly.


1.65 Meters ยท 5 Feet, 4.96 Inches

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Catherine is a fairly ordinary red wolf, with the standard colors for her species. She is almost always busy, and often comes across as harried and impatient, but she is quite friendly to those who take the trouble to get to know her.

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