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Deborah lives with her mother in the rabbit-controlled city of Oseille, on the island of Viridis. She has had a relatively quiet life, as she and her mother have mostly stayed out of the wars and conflicts that plague their homeland, and Deborah has grown up to be a quiet, curious and fairly innocent young lady.

Like her mother, she enjoys the unique ability to travel to other worlds, many of which are far more interesting than her own, though to date she has only been allowed to do so under supervision. During her travels, she has picked up many interesting odds and ends that children of her time do not usually have access to, including games and music and a small fortune in books. The down side to this is that most of the young rabbits of Oseille have come to regard her as an oddity and given her a wide berth, which means she doesn't have very many friends.

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megan niamh bryar

Relationship Mother
Female · Cottontail/english spot rabbit hybrid · Bisexual · Pisces
Role-playing No
Megan is a fairly ordinary rabbit. Her fur is dark chocolate brown with a broad patch of light cr...
01/11/2015 05:36

fiachra o'malley

Relationship Cousin
Female · Cottontail/english spot rabbit hybrid · Pansexual · Cancer
Role-playing No
Fiachra was born male, and she spent the first twenty-five years of her life as a buck, though sh...
01/11/2015 10:29

niamh o'malley

Relationship Cousin
Female · Cottontail/english spot rabbit hybrid · Lesbian · Virgo
Role-playing No
Niamh is a relatively small rabbit with soft brown fur and long, red hair. She often dresses in b...
01/11/2015 08:19

rebecca rabbitfangs

Relationship Cousin
Female · Rabbit ·
Role-playing No
Rebecca is a small brown rabbit with bright green eyes, long black hair and a sprinkling of freck...
01/11/2015 19:17

kyree bébinn bryar

Relationship Half-sister
Female · Snowbunny ·
Role-playing No
Kyree is a young Snowkitten/Rabbit hybrid with brown and cream fur.
04/11/2015 07:23


1.45 Meters · 4 Feet, 9.08 Inches

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Deborah is small for her age, and slightly built, but she keeps herself fit and she is stronger than she looks. Her ears are slightly too large, which embarrasses her, and her fur is thick and soft. Her fur colors are chocolate brown and cream, with black spots on her sides, black ear tips and a butterfly-shaped patch of black on her muzzle. Her hair is long and jet black, with hot pink stripes

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