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Ciara is the daughter of King Connor of Cearnach (now deceased) and General Deirdre Lohan. She was the result of a youthful affair between her parents, and was raised almost exclusively by her mother. She was beloved of both of her parents, but her father feared that his publicly acknowledging her would make her a target both for an enemy kingdom and for certain reactionary elements in his own kingdom.

On the morning of her twelfth birthday, her parents sent her into exile from the kingdom to save her from an impending siege by enemy forces. Put on a fast horse with all her belongings in a satchel, she rode to the neighboring kingdom of Oseille, controlled by Viridis' rabbit population. Oseille was famous for its neutrality and for being accepting of everyone regardless of species. Ciara settled in a house that her mother had bought against emergencies and soon befriended a young rabbit doe named Niamh. Though it was only meant to be a temporary measure, Ciara ended up spending the next eighteen years in Oseille, and her new friend would eventually become her lover and then her wife.

Against all expectations, Ciara became quite popular among her new neighbors and she soon grew to love her new home and fiercely determined to protect it. It was partly thanks to her efforts that the city survived two wars and a number of other more minor incidents, even standing up to her fellow foxes to help protect her adopted home. It was during this time that her father finally acknowledged her publicly, and her status as his daughter, plus her marriage to Niamh helped to pave the way for an alliance between Cearnach and Oseille and influenced the lynx kingdom in the north to forge a truce with their ancient foe.

Unfortunately, these changes were not without consequence and Ciara's father was killed in battle before the peace could be established. Nine years later, her step-mother was killed by invaders seeking to conquer part of the island for themselves, encouraged by the seeming weakness of the kingdoms there. As the only other surviving member of Connor's family was Ciara's nine-year-old half sister Brigit, Ciara was required to take the throne against her wishes. She is less than thrilled with her new responsibilities, but she is determined to continue to steer her kingdom, and the island of Viridis, toward peace and prosperity for everyone.

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Ciara is queen regnant of the city-state of Cearnach and its surrounding territories on the island of Viridis. Before she ascended to the throne, she worked as a farrier and general blacksmith and she keeps her old skills sharp because working at her forge helps her think.


emer elaine lohan

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01/11/2015 07:01

deirdre ciara alexandra lohan

Relationship Mother
Female · Swift fox · Bisexual · Gemini
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01/11/2015 07:38

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connor cearnach

Relationship Father
Male · Red fox · Heterosexual ·
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02/11/2015 06:57

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Ciara is friendly and outgoing, well known as the sort of monarch who will fight alongside her soldiers all day and then go out drinking and dancing with them all night. She has a strong streak of curiosity and is always eager to meet new people and to learn new things. Raised by her soldier mother, she has a tendency to take charge of any given situation, but has learned to defer to those with more experience when the situation calls for it. She is surprisingly soft-spoken, having spent eighteen years of her life living among rabbits, and she has a gentle touch for those who require it. At the same time, she can be impetuous and a little bit hot-headed at times, and she is prone to being over-protective of those she loves.


1.45 Meters · 4 Feet, 9.08 Inches

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Full title: Her Majesty Queen Ciara XIII, Protector of the City, Lord of the Five Clans, Emperor of the Copper Islands and Blood Daughter of Ciaran the Conqueror

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Ciara is a slender, slightly built vixen with purple eyes and long, blonde hair. Her fur is a slightly muddy orange-brown, a token of her red fox ancestors, and she has the white, black and grey markings of a swift fox. She is built like a sprinter, and so has very little in the way of body fat, including her breasts. Her tail hangs down to her ankles, and her hair hangs down to her rear.

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