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Age: 11

Emer is the young daughter of Ciara Lohan, queen of the city-state of Cearnach, and Liane Rabbitfangs, one of Ciara's closest friends and rabbit of many talents. Emer splits her time between living with her mother and with her sire. Emer is heir to the kingdom of Cearnach on the island of Viridis.





ciara maeve lohan

Relationship Mother
Female · Swift fox/red fox mixed-breed · Lesbian · Gemini
Role-playing No
Ciara is a slender, slightly built vixen with purple eyes and long, blonde hair. Her fur is a sli...
01/11/2015 06:37

deirdre ciara alexandra lohan

Relationship Grandmother
Female · Swift fox · Bisexual · Gemini
Role-playing No
Deirdre is a pure-bred swift fox vixen with sandy fur, short, raggedly cut blonde hair and pale b...
01/11/2015 07:38

niamh o'malley

Relationship Co-Mother
Female · Cottontail/english spot rabbit hybrid · Lesbian · Virgo
Role-playing No
Niamh is a relatively small rabbit with soft brown fur and long, red hair. She often dresses in b...
01/11/2015 08:19

brigit cearnach

Relationship Aunt
Female · Red fox · Gemini
Role-playing No
Brigit is a fairly ordinary red fox with the standard colors of her species. Distinguishing featu...
01/11/2015 08:04

feargus lohan

Relationship Great-Grandfather
Male · Swift fox · Heterosexual ·
Role-playing No
Feargus is a fairly ordinary male swift fox. He is solidly built and somewhat large for his speci...
05/11/2015 08:21

Extra Details

Emer is a friendly, outgoing tomboy, much like her parents. She is self-confident without being cocky and has a regal, royal bearing without being in the least bit spoiled. She has a keen sense of curiosity, owing to her swift fox ancestry, and can be very cunning thanks to both her rabbit and fox parentage. Like her mother, she has little patience with people who kiss up to her or treat her differently just because she's royalty. She'd rather just make friends.


1.45 Meters · 4 Feet, 9.08 Inches

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Body Colors

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Extra Attributes

She always wears a ruby signet ring on a chain around her neck. This ring is a family heirloom, passed down through her mother's family from her ancestor Ciaran who founded the kingdom of Cearnach a thousand years ago.

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Emer is a rabbit/fox hybrid, and she blends the features of both species. She wears the colors of her swift fox mother, save for her freckles and the spots on her hips which come from her sire. She has the long ears and general muzzle shape of a rabbit, but she has a fox's long tail and the sharp teeth of her vulpine ancestors. Though her unusually long fangs are a gift from her sire's unique bloodline.

Age: 11

Height: 4'9"

LEFT handed

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