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Seán was born and raised in the outlaw settlement of Seawash on the farthest northern point of the island of Viridis. He was raised by his father, Liam, who regularly thrashed him for even the most minor infraction. He never met his mother, and he was unaware that he had any other family until he met his elder half-sister Niamh just a few months ago. He came out as trans in his early teens, which ultimately destroyed what remained of his relationship with his father. At the age of nineteen, he has disowned his father and moved in with his sister and her wife until he can find a home of his own.Though he has known her only a short time, he has grown quite close to Niamh, who has settled easily into the role of big sister. He has also formed a tentative friendship with Niamh's elder half-sister Fiachra, as Fiachra's own transformation from male to female has given her a great deal of empathy with Seán's own feelings.

Date of Birth: 02/29/1324 Vulpine Calender Year
Birthplace: Seawash, Viridis

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Adventurer and fire mage.


niamh o'malley

Relationship Half-Sister
Female · Cottontail/english spot rabbit hybrid · Lesbian · Virgo
Role-playing No
Niamh is a relatively small rabbit with soft brown fur and long, red hair. She often dresses in b...
01/11/2015 08:19

ciara maeve lohan

Relationship Sister-in-law
Female · Swift fox/red fox mixed-breed · Lesbian · Gemini
Role-playing No
Ciara is a slender, slightly built vixen with purple eyes and long, blonde hair. Her fur is a sli...
01/11/2015 06:37

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Seán is confident and cheerful, and completely comfortable with his identity and his place in the world. He can be a bit blunt at times and he isn't afraid of saying exactly what he thinks, but he can be very kind to anyone who earns his friendship. On the whole, he tends to be rather level-headed and thoughtful. Years of living with his father taught him that wrath rarely solves anything. However, there are still certain issues about which he feels strongly. He has no tolerance for bullies or anyone who would harm or exploit those smaller or weaker than they are, and he's not the sort to sit idly by when he sees it happening.

He is somewhat shy about letting others see him naked, even his girlfriend, because of his many scars.


1.53 Meters · 5 Feet, 0.23 Inches

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Seán is a young cottontail rabbit with soft brown and white fur. He is rather delicately built but stronger than he looks thanks to a short lifetime of hard labor. His back and the backs of his legs are covered in a network of criss-crossing scars, which he does his best to keep covered.

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