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Special note: Jen was created by and is co-owned by  MeganBryar  and  GraceTheGoldenFurred

Jen is the daughter of Fiachra O'Malley, a gender-shifting rabbit from the Island of Viridis, and Queen regnant of the city-state of Oseille, and Queen Grace XIII the Golden Furred of a lost vulpine kingdom far across the ocean. She currently lives with Fiachra in Oseille while Grace wanders the world in hopes of finding a way to break the curse that prevents her from leading an ordinary life. Grace visits her daughter as often as she can, however, and Fiachra does her best to teach Jen everything she needs to know as a scion of both kingdoms. Jen misses her mother during Grace's long absences, but for the most part she is a fairly happy girl and her half-sisters and cousins do their best to keep her occupied and entertained. She is a keen explorer and she often spends her days wandering happily through the forests that surround Oseille on all sides. Curiously, even the bandits and outlaws that still plague the wilder parts of Viridis seem reluctant to harass her. Though this is likely because they know who her parents are and what Fiachra will do to them if they harm her.

Jen is officially a princess. However, the royal families of both kingdoms are far from the pampered layabouts that people might expect them to be. They are expected to take their roles as the heads of government quite seriously and to see to the prosperity of their kingdoms in times of peace and to defend their people by taking up arms in times of war. As such, Jen's parents have done their best to instill in her a sense of responsibility and, perhaps more importantly, a measure of compassion for everyone, regardless of rank or station.

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Apprentice historian:

Jen is apprenticed to her cousin Megan, a historian on the island of Viridis. Historians on Viridis are more akin to ancient skalds or bards than to the modern academic, and each one learns the history of the island through a collection of stories which they must memorize. It is important that each of these stories be memorized exactly, as they are said to be as true as true can be.


fiachra o'malley

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Female · Cottontail/english spot rabbit hybrid · Pansexual · Cancer
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Fiachra was born male, and she spent the first twenty-five years of her life as a buck, though sh...
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grace o'malley

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Female · Swift fox · Pansexual · Pisces
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Grace is a small but curvaceous swift fox vixen with sandy colored fur and bright blue eyes. A fo...
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Jen is an adventurous, rough-and-tumble tomboy. She's a sweet kid and a self-proclaimed champion of the downtrodden, though she has a tendency to overdo it with the bravado. She is self-conscious about her status as a hybrid and tries a little too hard to prove herself. Being half rabbit and half fox, she often has to deal with wildly conflicting instincts which can make her somewhat moody and withdrawn at times, but it rarely takes long for her to recover her equilibrium. When she's happy, she can be quite gregarious and she enjoys attending the seasonal markets held in Oseille, which bring her into contact with travelers from all over the island, and beyond.


1.23 Meters · 4 Feet, 0.42 Inches

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Jen is a small fox/rabbit hybrid with long rabbit-like ears and a fox-like tail. She is healthy and fit, but she still has a bit of puppy fat that no amount of exercise has been able to shift. She has a sharp, fox-like muzzle but a rabbit-like nose and her teeth are a blend of vulpine and lapine with canines surrounding large, rabbit-like front teeth

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