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Yuyupi is the eldest daughter of a powerful and affluent family from a distant country somewhere beyond the Glass Ocean. She grew up in the halls of academia and spent much of her life as a history professor teaching at the university founded by her family. This is as much as she has been willing to divulge about herself, as she left her life and her family behind her when she moved to the island of Viridis in search of excitement and a renewed sense of purpose. At present, she lives in the city of Oseille, where she is dating a vixen named Deirdre and she has taken it on herself to build the first proper school Oseille has ever had.



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Yuyupi is a former history professor who hails from a land that treats it as an academic pursuit as opposed to the oral tradition of her adopted homeland. She has yet to find her niche on Viridis, but in the meantime she makes a modest living by telling stories of her experiences in foreign lands.


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Relationship Girlfriend
Female · Swift fox · Bisexual · Gemini
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Deirdre is a pure-bred swift fox vixen with sandy fur, short, raggedly cut blonde hair and pale b...
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Yuyupi is cheerful and friendly, in a quiet, bookish sort of way. She's very much an introvert and so not particularly social, but she is fiercely loyal to her friends and especially to her girlfriend. When she's with people she knows and trusts she's capable of opening up quite a bit and she will cheerfully talk her friends' ears off about whatever interests her.

She has a not so secret love of danger and excitement, which is likely what attracted her to Deirdre Lohan in the first place. As she is not a native of the world where she now lives, she can be somewhat socially awkward and prone to making mistakes, but she's nothing if not adaptable and she's learning fast.


1.45 Meters · 4 Feet, 9.08 Inches

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Yuyupi is a small rabbit with bright yellow fur dotted with darker yellow spots, purple eyes and dark blonde hair. She is a domestic rabbit of mixed ancestry, which makes her something of a curiosity on the island of Viridis.

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