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I love all of my characters dearly, of course, in spite of the hell I've put some of them through. Like my poor, dear Jessamine. But Ciara has always had a special place in my heart. She's the one who started it all. From the wandering human girl she originally was, to the vixen who helped save her own little slice of the world, to all her future adventures, she has certainly kept me busy writing over the last sixteen years, and I've had a blast doing it. She's more or less the reason why I'm here with you fine people today, too.

So I wanted to have Megan give her a hug for being awesome, and for being mine. You guys can laugh if you like, but she's my pride and joy. Ciara's also a bit of a shorty, and Aisy gets big cool points for being one of the artists who has caught that.

Also, Aisy was awesome and she did the lines for this picture to break in her new tablet. So I'm posting the lines as well, even though I've already posted the sketch, because I'm flattered that she did that for me and because her work deserves all the attention it can get.

Art belongs to   aisy.p.art
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Ciara Lohan and Megan Bryar both belong to me.

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