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Uploaded 28/07/2015 15:10

As the most visible, and popular, member of Viridis' oldest and most powerful royal family, Ciara often has the pleasure of welcoming visitors to her island home. This gives her the ability to explore new ideas and new cultures without having to abandon her duties at home, and it sometimes lets her share some of the delights her land has to offer with her new friends as well. So, naturally, when a pretty thylacine lass named Pale came to visit, Ciara was only too happy to give her everything her heart desired.

Art and Pale belong to   pale-thylacine
Original post:

Ciara Lohan belongs to me.

Drako Swiftclaw · 28/11/2016 08:34 · 1 Reply

This piece has been nominated into Drako's Art Contest.

MeganBryar · 28/11/2016 09:43

Thank you, but neither the art nor the thylacine character are mine, so I can't take any credit for this. If you're still interested, you might talk to the artist who drew it:

Drako Swiftclaw · 07/01/2017 22:04

This piece has won Drako's Art Contest.

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