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Name: Brigit Cearnach

Species: Red fox

Sex: Female

Age: 9


Brigit is a bright, curious young vixen who is interested in absolutely everything. She's an eager student and possibly the brightest child her family has produced in a dozen generations. She tends to be rather shy and introverted, and she prefers to keep to herself for the most part. She isn't unfriendly, but she is keenly aware of her place in the world as the heir to her father's kingdom and of how people perceive her because of that. She does have a cheerful, playful side to her nature, though, which often shines through when she's somewhere she feels comfortable.

Young as she is, Brigit has a keen sense of justice, and she dislikes seeing people get hurt or taken advantage of. She is quick to defend her friends even from adults, if she feels they're being threatened, and her big sister has been teaching her how to defend herself.


Brigit is the daughter of King Connor and Queen Fithir of the city-state of Cearnach on the island of Viridis. She is the youngest of five children, including her elder half-sister Ciara.

Brigit's father died before she was born, a victim of one of the many wars that has plagued her homeland for centuries. She was raised by her mother, with the aid of her elder half-sister, and the first nine years of her life were reasonably happy ones. Recently, however, war has come to Viridis again and Brigit's mother was also killed while defending their city. This has left Brigit in the care of her sister Ciara and has made the sisters' future somewhat uncertain.


Ciara Lohan - Swift fox/Red fox mix - 30

-Elder sister and legal guardian

Niamh O'Malley - Cottontail rabbit - 28

-Sister-in-law and legal guardian

Brigit is a fairly ordinary red fox. She has the standard rusty red-orange fur with black tips and white accents. She has waist length black hair that is normally worn loose and bright green eyes. Her most noticeable features are three white star-shaped markings on her forehead and on both arms, and her tail which is a mere lynx-like stub. When she was only a year old, she was kidnapped by lynxes who docked her tail and shaped it to match their own.

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