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I'm an anthro artist from Norway ~waves to you all


more info will come


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Eirin Karlsen

Species: fox
Artist Type: anthro artist
Mood: restless
Joined 19/10/2014 19:45

Bun Fluffpaws

Species: rabbit
Artist Type: fursuiter
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Bun Fluffpaws posted to MercyToNoOne

12/03/2015 19:43

Oh and really like your art, the dresses are making me want to impulse buy again *giggles and hugs*

MercyToNoOne · 12/03/2015 20:46

Hehe x3

MercyToNoOne · 13/03/2015 10:01

I found her so no need to search her up, thank you for your help hun :)

Bun Fluffpaws posted to MercyToNoOne

12/03/2015 18:50

Heya there and welcome *hugs*

MercyToNoOne · 12/03/2015 20:35

Hi! Thanks *hugs back*

Bun Fluffpaws · 12/03/2015 20:36

hehe no problem =:3 how are you finding the site?

MercyToNoOne · 12/03/2015 20:39

Don't know yet, haven't looked around much x3

Bun Fluffpaws · 12/03/2015 20:41

Well if you get stuck on anything, don't hesitate to give me a nudge =:3

MercyToNoOne · 12/03/2015 20:45

How do I search for people, I know one person that are on this site, but I don't know how to find her? she hasn't posted anything yet tho

Bun Fluffpaws · 12/03/2015 20:50

Thats one thing i haven't put in yet, its on the todo list =:3
If you know her username you can enter it in the url
If not let me know her name and ill have a quick look around for her

MercyToNoOne · 13/03/2015 09:59

I believe it was EirinBuns