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College Student Studying English Literature & Language, Dance & Drama and Part-Time Stripper at a Lesbian Nightclub

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Full Name: Layla Kipper Heat

Meaning Of Name: Night - Romantic Poems

Age: 17

Date Of Birth: February 8th 1999

Native Language: English (British)

Language(s) Spoken: English

Religion: Atheist

Hobbies: Watching Horror Films, Reading, Writing, Going To Work, Sex & Bondage...

Flaws: She loves her bondage and sex which some would find very weird, odd and disturbing but it's just the way she is, except she is homosexual so heterosexual sex does not interest her but homosexual sex and bondage does.

Pet Peeve: When someone makes a very homophobic comment in public while she's around. When she's having sex or doing some bondage things and the other girl decides to try and take charge over her.

Scent: Sweets (Really nice smelling sweets)


1.7 Meters · 5 Feet, 6.92 Inches


63.5Kg · 9 Stone, 13.99 Pound

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Layla is a dark and weird girl who loves sex and bondage. She's had many, many one night stands and very sexually active relationships with other females but they don't always last long due to her strange fetishes and forms of entertainment. She is very emo/punk like and very masculine in her behaviour which makes her the more manly and dominant one in any relationship or one night stand. She is very flirtatious and seductive along with also being able to manipulate others for her own personal gain. Males tend to be very off putting to her and she is very harsh towards them, trying not to interact or make eye contact with them. Deep down, above all that, she really enjoys reading and writing a lot but doesn't show it to anyone, ever. In her relationships, sexual activities and bondage sessions, she is always the Seme no matter what, she will even fight for it. She is also very protective and competitive and loves to play hard to get and loves others who play a little hard to get.

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