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Hey there guys, Aaron / Dark Midnight here, just a few things you may wish to know about me:

I am a 18 year old gay furry

I am a level 3 Art and Design student

I mostly like Sketching and Painting although i do explore different types of media and techniques

I have 2 dogs and 3 cats (yes i know, so many XD )

I enjoy a range of different things such as: watching movies, going out with friends, shopping, going out for walks with my dog, reading, sketching (Which is a good thing when i'm doing an art course XD ), Singing and meeting new people

I've been a furry for about 4 ish years now

I like a range of books and movies such as: Adventure, Action, Horror E.C.T

My favorite books so far are: Primeval: Shadow of the Jaguar, A street cat named Bob and Blood Hunters

My favorite movies so far are: Transformers (1,2,3,4 and 5), Bad Moms, Bridget Jones' Baby and Deadpool

My favorite TV shows so far are: Charmed, Friends, Primeval, Scrubs and Doctor Who

My favorite colours are: Purple, Red, Black and blue

My favorite animals are: Dogs/Wolves, Penguins and Dragons

My favorite types of food are: Chicken Nuggets and Ham Wraps

My favorite games so far are: Minecraft and FNAF (so cliche, i know XD ) , I also like the look of Subnautica and hope to get it in the future

I seem to enjoy dying my hair different colours whenever i want/can , my hair is currently black with a light blue fringe

I'm a shy person at first that likes to keep myself to myself, however once people get to know me I like to think i'm likable and polite

I think I am: Shy, Caring, Kind, Polite, Easy to get on with, Happy to help where ever and whenever I can, Funny, Flirty, Hard Working, Forgiving, Protective, Reliable, Trusting, Always up for a laugh, Independent, Cheerful and Honest and Sassy/Sarcastic at times

Just a few things you might like to know about my Fursona:

My name is Dark Midnight or Midnight Wolf

I am a male

I am Gay

I am a cross between a Wolf and Dragon

I am a Wolf with Dragon Claws, Wings and a Dragon Tail


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