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Hello everyone. I don't know what to say about myself.

I can only say, I love friendship and I always treasure it even if there are complications. I apologize if I feel like I've been rude, or I have accidentally hurt someone's feelings (Tiger side). But if the person is rude to me, and won't accept my apology or will give me the silent treatment, then I'll suck it up and ignore them (Wolf side).

[Reason I'm writing Tiger and Wolf side, is because I like to identify my personality as 2 characters and each has different attributes, but both are one person].

I like to RP with friends and I love making stories out of each conversation to let my friends know how I would act in certain situations, plus it's to make the conversation more lively.

I used to be the kind and loving and caring person, looking for a relationship. But after a "silent" break-up I decided to take things slow, and to only make friends for now. I've had enough of heart break and I'm letting my Wolf side take over for now, so if you wish to know me more, I'll let you without you jumping in my pants. (If you guys need to know more about each personality side I have the info on the character's page)


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After putting my body and mind to the limit, I was relieved and tossed all my tension and anxieties aside. I sat down and sank into the couch, feeling like I was free from the heavy chains of study. I feel like I've escaped from a brainwash and still have thoughts of returning to class next week.
16/07/2016 11:15

Exams on Friday

I won't be much active before this Friday, because I'll study like crazy and I don't think I can have any distractions at the moment >.< Wish me luck.
12/07/2016 12:58


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White Tiger

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12/07/2016 08:55

Black Wolf

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12/07/2016 08:32


MikTigerWolf posted

12/07/2016 09:31

I'm Stronger than yesterday!