Mike Nobody the Cat is feeling Artistic
Artist Type: Art Whore

Usually classified as an outsider artist-musician by contemporaries.
Music, Art, and Noise /
Videos, Movies, and Multi-Media /
Voice, Tapes, and Reed Trumpet /
Bass, Baritone, and other Guitars /
Keyboards, Computers, and Custom-Made Instruments /
Plunderphonics, Electronics and Junkyard Percussion
Prog-Punk Noise-Rock!


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Other · Alien · Pansexual · Leo
Role-playing No
Nicknames They call me Nobody, Nada, Nada Zedd, Subject 0-Z
An original character created by my fursona, MikeyCat.
11 months ago


Male · Spacecat (feline alien) · Heterosexual · Virgo
Role-playing No
Nicknames Mau, Mowzer, Mao Mo Lin, Mike Nobody, MikeyCat Nobody
An avatar of mine since the early 1990's. Mostly an extension of myself, with some embellishments...
11 months ago


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Species: deer
Artist Type: anthro artist
Mood: crushed
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Species: dog
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: accomplished
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Bran posted to Mike Nobody

11 months ago

Thanks for the sub, nerdo!

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