Mini the Fox is feeling Gloomy
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

Hello there ^^; My name is Mini. I am claimed to be cute but I think it has to do with my personality. I'm short, introverted, and very clumsy. I especially tend to get nervous around guys...Speaking of which it brings me to the topic of a very special person. My BIG BROTHER >//.//< Around him I love and adore his affection. One day I wish to be his special girl. If not, his most dearest friend. He knows just what to do to make me feel special. Currently I’m not interested in having a boyfriend. BOYS SPECIFICALLY please don't attempt to flirt with me its make my Big Brother jealous. I must be loyal to him! :33 Anyways I have to go now >×< Bye Bye 


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Female · Fox · Heterosexual · Cancer
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Mini, Baby, Eggy, Min
Pure half and half breed black and white fox.
19/03/2020 17:38


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Species: demon
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: weird
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Species: wolf
Artist Type: anthro artist
Mood: artistic
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