MischievousPooka the Griffin
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I am a freelance Illustrator that travels to many of the conventions in the GA area. I have graduated from SCAD. I like fantasy, Sci-fi, anthros, Egyptian Mythology, monsters, dinosaurs, and other animals which you can see a lot in my art with those themes in my gallery.


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More art

Finish with the Spring cons so now I will be able to be on the site more. So expect more art soon!
18/06/2016 00:17

Summer and Geting Ready for Conventions

I been having a pretty good summer so far. I enjoy a visit from our English friend. We got to show him around the city. And I also had a good Birthday which was on the last day of July. I am getting artwork ready for AWA (Anime Week Atlanta) since I have an artist table there. So you guys will...
12/08/2014 17:52


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Victoria loves wearing dresses and going to tea parties. She is also an expecting mother. While p...
18/06/2016 00:38


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Dolly is a librarian and loves to read a lot of books. She is very informative.
18/06/2016 00:24


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Thank you very much ^^

MischievousPooka posted

14/12/2013 00:31

Hi! You welcome! Thanks for the comment and the fave!

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01/12/2013 20:58

Heya! :D! *waves* Also thank ya for the comments and follow :D

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eeep noess i must bounce, if i stop everything stops *giggles and continues bouncing around* hehehee

MischievousPooka posted

01/12/2013 00:35

*Tries to catch you*

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30/11/2013 23:49

*pounces around your page*

MischievousPooka posted

30/11/2013 23:25

Hi everyone! Welcome to my page!