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Salutations, am turnip!

My name is Caleb and I'm an artist, programmer, and novelist. I'm a junior at Ozark Christian College and I'm majoring in an Old Testament Theology major.

I've got three projects in the works.

1. The Adventures of Mr. Turnip.

2. Tetra6

3. Grey Line: MND Trials

I'm kinda hurting for cash and so I'll take commissions put some walking-around-cash in my wallet.


On a per-character basis you can choose what of your character is drawn and to what extent of quality. I don't draw porn or fetish-art. If you want additional characters included, same prices apply.

1A. Head: $1

1B. Fullbody: $3

2A. Sketch: $1

2B. Color: $3

2C. Color-shaded: $6


I charge a penny for a word. How it works is you'll tell me how many words you want and the specifics of what you want written (who is in it, what they look like, what they do, what happens, etc.) and I'll get to work on it. I will do my best to make the word-count of the finished product just above your requested amount.


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Supporting the Adventures of Mr. Turnip

So while I'd love to keep doing these comics for you guys I'm afraid I'll be running out of resources real soon. I don't own my tablet and my laptop won't last me forever. The first option is to get a job but then I wouldn't be able to make comics for you guys. If you can support me on Patreon {h...
09/06/2016 13:10


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Mr. Turnip

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MistaTurnip posted

21/05/2016 13:28

This site's nice, I just wish I knew what I was doing.

ErzaFarron · 21/05/2016 16:08

Totally agree with you.

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