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An updated commission sheet to help show off what we can offer you!

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All prices are in USD

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Full body, half body or headshots. For example Telegram stickers, including our current Iron Artist for Binding of Isaac. 
Multiple stickers can be created into a pack for you upon request. Flat color, no shading.

Simple enough really. Full color, light shading.

Covers character poses, but not scenes (scenes comes under Complex). Full color, heavy shading.

Base price is for 1 character only in a scene-style commission with full background. Full color, heavy shading.

Reference Sheets
Can't expand too much here due to reference sheets being very unique to design, Please feel free to enquire for additional 
details. Base price assumes at least an image can be given of the character to work with. Written description or full 
character designs will occur extra charge. Flat color, no shading.

Mini avatars. These are priced higher than you may expect, but they are not much less time consuming than any other 
commission type! However connecting/couple icons are only +$5 (so $15-20 for 2). Flat color, light shading.

Custom Design
In basic terms; a lesser form of Reference Sheet with character design and artistic freedom. Done as a basic reference 
image (not as detailed as a Reference Commission, only one image). Lined, flat color, no shading.

- - -

Common Extras

NSFW: Simple and Complex Commissions only. +50% of commission price with a limit of 2 characters. 
No extreme fetishes.

Character Design: Add-on for Reference Sheets & Basic Commissions. We are more than happy to help design 
and create a new character with you for a commission, however due to the extra work involved there is a small additional 
charge. +$5 if a detailed written description can be given of what you would like or +$10 for more in-depth help/start from scratch. 

- - - 

Additional Notes
Coloring & Shading - Worth noting that our shading style can slightly change the hue of base colors, especially 
in atmospheric pieces. This can cause original character colors to look a little different. If concerned please feel free 
to talk to us about it.

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If you would like a commission or to just enquire, send a note and we will get back to you. 

Payment via Paypal only.

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