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Backstory: as of creation 12th Oct, 2015 
Mirasiki is one of a litter of 7, the youngest and the runt of the group however they never fit with his 2 brothers and 4 sisters being one of each them self, they wasn't royalty but their family was rather high in social standings with a large manor house for them all to live in, whilst his brothers and sisters became successful and meeting their fathers ideals Mira was taken in by their mother more and pampered due to their 'difference' as their mother called it so they stayed with her under the care of her personal maids which his father paid no mind to until he took off but only worried over having his family name ruined for having a 'failure' in the family

Mirasiki was a Shy little C-boy who acts like a little girl to be fair, being pampered by their parents until they took of to explore the rest of the world they never actually learnt social skills so slipped though unnoticed unless they needed to stay room bound for a week or so to prevent unwanted attention from people and animals, and due to not having need to talk often or speaking out they're not the most sociable and normally makes there speech just understandable at times and with a femininely soft voice, feminine features and smell, stick them in a dress and they could very easily be mistaken for a girl, not that they minds it at all.

Update as of: 7th May, 2016 
Mira has always been curious as to why they had such an awkward figure and wonder why they never grew breasts, however living with Marcy and Christina who were both Male turn female (Marcy by Medical, Christina my Magical) they got nosy and being in a very female heavy house hold that never actually forced anything on them and let them do as they pleased and helped them explore.

Even how they dressed were very feminine and girly before hand and seeing as they could get away with it no one questioned it, so eventually they asked Christina for help, Marcy went though medical and surgery which scared to poor kitty half to death but Christina could change her gender and form as well as anyone else's at will, and in a matter of seconds Mira's body was only slightly altered to match with that of the rest of their family, still a very small breed of cat and thus a small chest size to boot


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1.42 Meters · 4 Feet, 7.9 Inches


50.8Kg · 7 Stone, 13.99 Pound

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